About VIP

When you invest in Vertiv, we invest in you.

As a partner, the Vertiv Incentive Program rewards you for your success and aims to strengthen our relationship. Through quarterly incentives, you’re able to earn Bonus Points, which are redeemable for cash and transferred to a credit card. You also have access to valuable sales material and convenient support as you grow your businesses.

Partners like you are a key driver of our success as an industry leader. You’re able to understand the needs of customers and equip them with the very best solutions. Whether you’re a long-time or new partner, small or medium in operation, the VIP can help you in your journey, as you reach sales goals, diversify your offerings and meet customer needs.

As the world’s demand for data rapidly accelerates, Vertiv will continue to serve the industry’s evolving needs. The VIP will ensure our shared success in meeting customers where they are and accelerating the outcomes they pursue.